MUVO in action

A vehicle that is suitable for a wide range of tasks and can be used all year round thanks to its robust, uniquely designed chassis, smart technical solution and wide range of attachments
  • Power

    Thanks to the optimal load distribution provided by the design, the 109 HP engine and the hydrostatic drive, the vehicle is easy to steer and manoeuvre.

  • Manoeuvrability

    The small dimensions of only 1,310 mm in width and 2,060 mm in height allow the MUVO to be used in small and tight spaces. This compact package, combined with an advanced control system, 4WS and minimal turning radius, results in overall excellent maneuverability.

  • Safety

    Powerful front work lights above the windshield, additional directional lights on the front and side of the vehicle, warning sounds when reversing, one or two powerful rotating beacons, all provide maximum visibility in the most difficult weather conditions. This makes the MUVO a safe place to work in road traffic, even in heavy snowfall or dense fog.

  • Comfort

    Seating position, large glass surfaces, air conditioning, front windshield heating and sophisticated but easy-to-use technical solutions with a centrally located control panel allow the MUVO to be used safely and comfortably for several hours even under the toughest working conditions, e.g. on cold winter nights with lots of snow.

  • Multifunctionality

    The MUVO can not only be used for various purposes throughout the year, but also for various types of snow removal, such as snow plow, snow brush or even snow blower.

  • Robust

    With a reinforced structural steel chassis and the greatest weight on the front axle, the MUVO has an almost perfect weight distribution. Therefore, the MUVO has all the prerequisites to mount several attachments, such as snow plow and spreader, at the same time.

  • Visibility

    Large heated panoramic windshield, all-glass door and heated rearview mirrors provide a good overview and safe control of the work of the attachments in front of, above and below the cabin.

  • For any terrain

    Compact dimensions, an advanced control system and a gradeability of up to 40% ensure that the MUVO can easily tackle difficult terrain such as park paths or similar. In addition, the standard all-season tires can be replaced with 315/55 R 16 MPT tires, which have a high-traction tread pattern to ensure mobility on soft ground.

  • Cost efficiency

    Every MUVO comes with a free wax chassis protection service. This extra effort is important to protect the vehicle from corrosion when it comes into contact with salt during winter maintenance.