• Dimensions

    Shown in mm *Depends on mounted attachment/s.

  • Fuel tank

    Fuel tank capacity: 69 L

  • Tire

    Choice of four tire types for any terrain and use: on wet roads, for optimized braking on snow and ice, for winter conditions, and mobility on soft soils.

  • Brakes

    Two-circuit brake system with disc brakes on all four wheels

  • Weights

    • Empty weight: 2.790 kg (with full fuel tank, without driver) • Permissible total weight: 5500 kg • Permissible axle load: 2800 kg • Maximum payload: 2810 kg (depending on equipment)

  • Suspension and chassis

    "Suspension and chassis - Parabolic leaf springs with additional rubber dampers as a further suspension element of the end shocks, hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers and torsion bar suspension on both axles - MUVO has a high-strength chassis specially designed and developed by RASCO - The chassis provides space for a central suction hose, which is used by the front sweeper brushes for suction into the sweepings container centrally located behind the cabin - In combination with the transversely mounted engine, the MUVO chassis is unique in the world"